Course Description


  • Would you like to bring more passion, joy and playfulness into your relationship?
  • Would you like to take your sex life to a whole new level by applying the principles of tantric sex?
  • Would you like to learn to relate to each other in a much more intimate, meaningful and loving way?

TANTRIC SEX FOR COUPLES is a 5-week online course for couples who want to upgrade their sex life and their relationship.

By learning the skills of tantric lovers, you'll be able to give each other more pleasure than you have ever experienced before. But that's not all! Using tantric rituals as a regular part of your relationship will allow you to keep deepening the love, the intimate bond and the soulful connection between you and your partner. 

Tantric couples enjoy a very rich, nurturing, playful and intimate connection in the bedroom and outside of it. 

According to Tantra, sex and orgasm are a way to achieve spiritual awareness. When Shiva, male energy, and Shakti, female energy, come into a sexual union, they are able to reach the highest enlightenment.

We can all practice Tantric sex and obtain its benefits. This online program will teach you to expand your arousal and to give each other more pleasure than you thought possible! Bringing tantric skills into your bedroom will allow you to energetically merge with each other in order to experience a deeply ecstatic union with your lover.

After completing this course you will:

  • understand what Tantra is and how to apply its principles in your life and your relationship,
  • be able to use tantric rituals to deepen the love, joy and a heart-felt connection,
  • learn to expand your erotic and orgasmic states beyond what you thought was possible,
  • learn how to give each other a blissful tantric massage,
  • master the skill of tantric communication for a more meaningful bond and greater pleasure,
  • understand how to transform your lovemaking with the art of tantric touch,
  • bring a deeper level of mindfulness and presence into your relationship in order to truly see, hear and feel each other,
  • learn how to make your lovemaking special every single time,
  • and much more!

My introduction to the world of Tantra:

Just over six years ago, in March 2014, I had my “accident” which caused a dramatic shift in my life. One moment, I was having sex with my partner and the next – I was in excruciating pain, shock and then in a hospital. That experience was scary, enormously painful and made me question my life, my sexuality and my relationships.


It also led me to leaving my old life behind in order to explore Tantra and sacred sexuality.


Not long after that day, I attended my first ever tantric workshop which introduced me to tantric philosophy. The attendees were guided through a ritual that unexpectedly opened my eyes to a completely new, profound and magical way of relating to each other.


There was one particularly memorable moment there when I experienced a trance-like state of presence, love and bliss – all while we had our clothes on and were barely touching one another!


This experience left me feeling mind-blown, in awe…


I felt like someone suddenly opened my eyes to a completely new way of being that I had no idea existed. Like when you think that you have life all figured-out and then you learn about a back room full of magic and wonders…


Since that day, I never looked back. I started immersing myself in tantric education and practice until I became a certified practitioner and started teaching others.


Six years later and after having run thousands of clients’ sessions, courses, workshops and events, I can proudly say that I have a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise to share. And I would love to introduce every single couple on the planet to Tantra!


I believe that every single relationship can benefit from tantric rituals and practices in order to:


  • Deepen their love and heart-felt connection,
  • Expand sexual pleasure for both partners,
  • Create an experience of profoundly merging in an ecstatic union,
  • Deepen the intimate awareness of each other and the ability to truly see, hear and feel each other,
  • Take the relationship to the next level,
  • And much more!


Tantric Sex for Couples course will teach you all of that and more! This program is a true game changer in the world of romantic relating and couples. This is also the most straightforward path to more joy, love and sexual satisfaction in your life together!

Frequently Asked Questions about Tantric Sex for Couples course:

Q: Do I need to have a partner to complete this course?
Yes, you do. Of course, you can still enrol if you’re single, however, you won’t be able to perform all the practices as majority of activities require a partner.

Q: Is this course for straight couples only?
No, it’s not. Tantra can be practiced by anybody because it works with energy as opposed to particular body/genital shapes.

In the course I refer to men and women because majority of my clients are in heterosexual relationships. However, people who don’t identify as straight or who are not in heterosexual partnerships, can still practice everything I teach. They simply need to substitute the word ‘man’ for ‘masculine/active partner’ and the word ‘woman’ for ‘feminine/receptive partner’. 

Q: Can I do the course at my own pace?
Yes, you can. The content of the course is released over a period of 5 weeks, however, you can take as much time as you need to progress through it. And afterwards, you’ll keep a full access for as long as you want. It means that you can keep coming back to the entire course or any particular sections of it as much as you want and whenever you want.

Q: How will doing this course affect my love life?
Learning about Tantra and using its practices and rituals will transform your relationship and will deepen the love and connection you already share with your partner. This increased emotional intimacy will enrich your sexual connection, meaning that you’ll derive much more pleasure, joy and satisfaction out of your sex life. 

But, as is the case with anything else, in order to experience the magic for yourself, you’ll need to actually use these tantric tools and techniques. Only reading and learning about them won’t do much. So as long as you’re fully committed to the course, you can look forward to a serious upgrade of every aspect of your love life!

Q. My partner and I love each other very much but our sex life is very infrequent. Will doing this course help us reconnect sexually?

This is a very common situation and a lot of people I work with talk about a similar issue. And the answer is – yes, it will!

Introducing tantric rituals into a relationship is a very gentle path towards deeper intimacy. These practices can be very sexual, not sexual at all or anything in between, depending on how you both choose to perform them.

As long as you stick with the practice and use the tools and techniques described in the course, your erotic connection will grow and expand, the way it has for thousands of other people that have implemented Tantric rituals into their relationships!



100% Money Back Guarantee

Tantric Sex for Couples has a 7-day, super easy money back guarantee. 

Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch the videos AND perform the homework practices. And if you aren't completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent.*

We want you to feel comfortable and totally confident about this program because we know that when you listen to it and start using it, you'll be more than ecstatic!

* Refunds are subject to Terms & Conditions.

Sex Therapist & Tantra Practitioner

Helena Nista

Helena Nista is one of Australia's leading Sex Therapists & Tantra Practitioners. She is a mentor, author, speaker and lover. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She is a certified sexologist and Tantric teacher. She is passionate about helping her clients become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties and create great sex lives. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her mission in life is to spark a sexual revolution that will break through the shackles of conditioning and limiting beliefs to empower people to experience sex as natural, healthy and utterly beautiful. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Week 2

    • Conventional vs Tantric relationships

    • Difference in desire

    • How to become more present

    • Sacred practice to balance sexual energies in partners

    • Daily exercise for deeper sexual pleasure

    • Homework

  • 3

    Week 3

    • Easy technique to keep sex alive in your life

    • Let's talk about sex!

    • Sex conversation - questions

    • Heart Connection Ritual

    • Heart Connection Ritual - steps

    • Other options to play with

    • Homework

  • 4

    Week 4

    • How to make your touch perfect

    • Communication structure

    • Creating a container for love & pleasure

    • Sex-Heart Connection

    • Sex-Heart Connection image

    • Sex-Heart Connection steps

    • Intimate position of tantric lovers

    • Tantric lovers

    • Moving energy between partners

    • Lovers in a connected breath

    • New way to touch

    • Principles of tantric touch

    • Homework

  • 5

    Week 5

    • Cultivating a heart connection on a daily basis

    • Tantric massage

    • Steps of the tantric massage

    • Massage for her

    • List of yoni strokes

    • Massage for him

    • List of lingam strokes

    • Well done!

    • Homework

    • What's next?


5 star rating

For singles, too

Steve Szubert

This course is still worth studying if you are not currently in a couple. Your next partner will love you to bits if you can lead them through these practice...

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This course is still worth studying if you are not currently in a couple. Your next partner will love you to bits if you can lead them through these practices to deeper intimacy and higher pleasure.

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5 star rating

Tantric sex for couples

kerry brown

The way in which Helena delivered this content was easy for us to understand and integrate into our lives. It has not only helped us to strengthen our sexual...

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The way in which Helena delivered this content was easy for us to understand and integrate into our lives. It has not only helped us to strengthen our sexual relationship but also all parts of our relationship. We understand each other on a deeper level, each others feelings and needs. We have been in our relationship for 28 years and are very aware that we need to continue to invest in our relationship for it to be strong. When you mention to people that you are doing a tantra course they assume it is a kinky course about lots of weird and wonderful sexual positions! While that may be enjoyable this course is more about a beautiful present ceremonial connection between lovers. Thankyou Helena the outcome from doing this course was over and above what we were expecting. We highly recommend this course to lovers x

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5 star rating

Amazing course!

Lucy Kingsley

It's rare to find online something full of so much value at such affordable price! We loved every part of the course and had a ball with all the exercises. O...

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It's rare to find online something full of so much value at such affordable price! We loved every part of the course and had a ball with all the exercises. Our relationship feels stronger and much more intimate now. Thank you!

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